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Mrs. Carla Deleo

Deleo Mom

12 June
Mrs. Carla Deleo is the mother of wayward sons, Chris and Rick. Despite her marriage being happy in the early days, her husband was an alcoholic and it made for a difficult time in general. Mr. Deleo was abusive and unreasonable when he was under the influence of alcohol. He managed to dry out when the boys were young, but by the time the youngest, Chris, reached the age of eight, he was back on the wagon and it was a continuous vicious cycle of getting on it and falling off it all over again as the boys grew up. All Carla wanted to do was protect her sons, but even that was sometimes beyond her control when they were often near broke from the alcohol abuse. She tried to stick with it and hold her family together, but when things reached breaking point when Chris was in his early days of his medical internship and they nearly lost their childhood home from huge debts, Carla finally left her husband... and got divorced. Chris paid off their house so they didn't lose, and to this day, Carla still can't shake the feeling she failed her boys.

She managed to forge a life on her own once she was released of the painful trap of an alcoholic husband. She would be forever grateful of what Chris did for her, and she soon went on to get a job as a Science teacher at the local high school, a career she was educated in but never had much of a chance to get into when her husband thought it was a dead end job. She was proud when Chris picked up a love of Science for her and went on to med school, but she often worried that Rick would follow in his father's footsteps, always the one to be getting into trouble. She loves both of her boys, despite the fact they kept her on her toes and drove her crazy with their wild antics when they were young. Until the divide between them grew in Chris' late high school days, and it just seemed to get worse from there on. Something Carla never knew how to deal with. She misses them both and doesn't see them often, but she takes what she gets. No matter what, they'll always be her boys.

Carla is an original character in the Miami Medical fandom. She is briefly referred to in canon, but never anything more than as the boys' mother. She is in no way linked to Miami Medical and no profit is being made from this journal, which is for roleplay purposes only. Not Michelle Pfieffer. She is only used to give Carla a face.